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LiveWell Corporate brings health directly to your workplace.

Wellness can be defined as the condition of optimal physical and mental well being, when maintained by a balanced healthy eating pattern, physical activity and smoke-free living.

The objective of Livewell Corporate wellness is to provide nutritional knowledge and guidance to employers and employees to empower them to improve nutrition and lifestyle habits leading to a healthier workplace.

A business can only be healthy if their staff is healthy. A recent study suggested that sick absenteeism is currently costing South African companies almost R19 billion a year therefore more companies are investing in employee health today to promote long-term behavioural changes that will benefit employers, employees and communities.

Wellness programs in workplace settings that integrate healthy environments through health promotions and health screening have been shown to; improve employee health, decision making ability, creativity. Loyalty and employee morale, while reducing employee stress, organizational conflict, workforce turn over, absenteeism, boosts productivity and create a positive attitude in the work place.

Most companies are now investing in their employee health and future through corporate wellness.

We look forward to providing your company with a tailor made wellness package that will improve the lifestyle behaviours of your employees and ultimately improve their health, reliability, wellbeing and quality of life.

Employee health may be one of your company’s greatest assets, contact us for a custom made wellness package.

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