LiveWell offers a variety of services to support your health and sporting goals.

Sports nutrition plays a vital role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity, whether you’re training or exercising to improve your mental and physical health or a professional athlete. Informed decisions with regards to your nutrition and hydration can result in improved performance, injury prevention and quicker recovery but it’s difficult to know where to start with so much conflicting information readily available.

LiveWell offers a variety of services to support your health and sporting goals. This can range from a daily food diary to tips for eating after workouts or a comprehensive nutrition plan for training and competitions.

The importance of sports nutrition

Consuming the right balance of food and drink is important for everyone and those actively participating in sport need to be aware that it can also affect performance. For example, athletes may need more calories than the average person.

Sports performance and energy

Fuelling your body with the right foods is essential for sports performance:

  • Carbohydrates are the primary fuel used by working muscles

  • While it’s important to monitor your fat intake, you shouldn’t remove it from your diet completely. Fats provide fatty acids that can be used as a source of energy – especially if your exercise sessions last longer than one hour. Fats also provide the building blocks for hormones and the formation of cell walls.

  • Protein can be used as a source of energy and is critical for building new muscle tissue. If you’re taking part in resistance training, your body will require additional protein.

Sport Supplements

Supplements are used by sports men and women to boost their strength, performance and recovery. They are available in numerous different forms ranging from multivitamins and minerals through to protein, creatine and various other ‘ergogenic’ aids.

Should I take them?

Before you take any form of supplement they should ensure their diet is healthy, balanced and suits their sport. Those who do decide to take additional nutrients in supplemental form should always consult a dietitian who specialises in sports nutrition.

  • Weight

  • Waist Circumference
  • Height

  • Body Mass Index
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood glucose/pressure

How can a Livewell sports nutrition professional help?

We create a tailored nutrition plan to support your training regime and goals. The plan will incorporate both food and hydration integral to performance, but tailored nutrition can also help to:

  • Increase energy levels

  • Promote good health

  • Help manage weight

  • Improve concentration

  • Develop body composition and growth

  • Enhance recovery

To create the best nutrition strategy, we will assess not just an individual’s training and diet but also their lifestyle, day to day habits, supplements and regular medication needs.